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Christmas Gifts for Your Bestie

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Etched Wine Glass
Etched Wine Glass Sale price$ 18.00
Bucking Bronco Rocks Glass
Bucking Bronco Rocks Glass Sale priceFrom $ 12.00
Sydney Hale Candle - Bergamot & Black Tea
National Park Candle - Grand Teton
20k Gold Bronco Wine Glass
20k Gold Bronco Wine Glass Sale price$ 18.00
Antler Ear Climber
Antler Ear Climber Sale price$ 48.00

2 colors available

Antler Earrings
Antler Earrings Sale price$ 40.00

2 colors available

20k Gold Antler Wine Glass
20k Gold Antler Wine Glass Sale price$ 18.00
Howdy Tote - Red Dipped
Howdy Tote - Red Dipped Sale price$ 90.00
Mountain Earrings
Mountain Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 36.00

2 colors available

I Bison WY
I Blank WY Market Tote Bags Sale price$ 24.00
Set of Six in Platinum
Copper Turquoise Stud Earrings - Teardrop
20 K Gold Bronco Rocks / Old Fashioned Glasses
14K Gold Fill
Aspen Leaf Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 66.00
Real Housewives of Jackson Hole Travel Cup

4 colors available

Chairlift Earrings
Chairlift Earrings Sale price$ 67.00

1 color available

Olive & Pearl Candle - Fraser Fir
Ranger Station Candle - Tobacco + Musk
Cire Trudon Holiday Candle 2023 - Fir
Map Tote
Map Tote Sale price$ 24.00
Constellation Brass Earrings

1 color available

Jackson, Wyoming Tote
Jackson, Wyoming Tote Sale price$ 90.00

2 colors available

Mountain Hoops
Mountain Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 46.00
Ranger Station Candle - Balsam Fir
Wilson, Wyoming Tote Black
Wilson, Wyoming Tote Black Sale price$ 90.00
Howdy Tote - Blue and Red Drop Shadow
Cire Trudon Classic Candle - Ernesto
Cire Trudon Classic Candle - Ernesto Sale priceFrom $ 125.00
JAC WYO Tote Sale price$ 24.00
Buffalo Stud Earrings
Buffalo Stud Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 22.00

2 colors available

Ranger Station Candle - Leather + Pine
Lumira Candle - Cuban Tobacco
Wyoming Candle  no. 29 - Ambrosina Apothicaire
Grand Toteton
Grand Toteton Sale price$ 115.00
Nomad Noe Candle - MUSE in Wyoming
Austin Press Candle - Bear's Cave Candle
Wilderness Earrings
Wilderness Earrings Sale price$ 45.00
Howdy Tote - Green Outline
Howdy Tote - Green Outline Sale price$ 90.00
Cire Trudon Classic Candle - Ottoman
1970's Beaded Earrings
1970's Beaded Earrings Sale price$ 94.00
Wilson, Wyoming Tote White
Wilson, Wyoming Tote White Sale price$ 90.00
The Billard Room
Starry Night II Earrings
Starry Night II Earrings Sale price$ 51.00
Allure Earrings
Allure Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 46.00

3 colors available

Antler Wine Opener Corkscrew
Jackson Hole Tote- Ivory
Jackson Hole Tote- Ivory Sale price$ 200.00

2 colors available

JAC WYO Tote - Navy
JAC WYO Tote - Navy Sale price$ 160.00

1 color available

Nomad Noe Candle - POET in Hangzhou
Nomad Noe Candle - DREAMER in London
Lumira Candle - Arabian Oud
Lumira Candle - Arabian Oud Sale price$ 80.00