Matthew Donovan & Liz Long

October 12, 2018

Item:                                                                Price:       Desired:              Received:

Vintage Amber Coupes                                   $110        1 set of 10           1

Roly Poly  Vintage Cocktail Glasses               $90          1 set of 12           1

Sheldon Faceted Cups (white and grey)        $42 each   6                         0

Framed Vintage Paul Newman Poster           $650          1                         0


*Not all items are available online. Some of these items may also be vintage so please call for availability

**Please call us for assistance in purchasing these items. Let us know you are buying off of the Donovan/Long register so we can keep that up to date. 

Mountain Dandy Showroom: (307).690.2896

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