Jeanne Resor + Sasha Leviant Wedding

Gift Registry For Jeanne Resor & Sasha Leviant -  
September 20th 2015



White Wine Bronco Glasses x 0 
Red Wine Pistol Glasses x 0
Fir & Blue Sage Candle x4
Jackson Hole Ceramic Mugs x6


Loopy Mango Charcoal Grey Throw x1
Handblown Rocks Glasses x8
Railroad Spike Bottle Opener
       w/leather strap x1
       w/o leather strap x1

Antler Bottle Opener x0
Antler Pizza Cutter x1

Cable Knit Throw in Navy x1
Cable Knit Throw in Green x1

Reversible Bronco Throw x0
Wyoming Throw x0
Swiss Cross Reversible Throw, grey x1

Leather Medicine Ball x1

Tina Frey Tray, black x1
Tina Frey Champagne Bucket, black x0
Tina Frey Large Bucket, black x0
Tina Frey Small Trough, black x0
Tina Frey Large Trough, black x1
Tina Frey Justin Tray, black x1

Tina Frey Tray, white x 0
Tina Frey Champagne Bucket, white x1
Tina Frey Large Bucket, white x 0
Tina Frey Small Trough, white x1
Tina Frey Large Trough, white x1
Tina Frey Justin Tray,white x1

Milkwash Bowl 21” x1
Milkwash Bowl 18” x1
Milkwash Bowl 15” x1
Milkwash Bowl 13” x1

Ebonized Oval Bowl 21” x1
Ebonized Oval Bowl 18” x1
Ebonized Oval Bowl 15” x1
Ebonized Oval Bowl 13” x1

Walnut Handled Board 18” x1
Walnut Handled Board 21” x1
Walnut Handled Board 24” x1
Walnut Handled Board 27” x1

Alex Marshall 21” Low Bowl, grey x1
Alex Marshall Mugs, umber x12

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs x 8 of 12

Motorcycle Style Book x1

**To purchase any of the items above please call us here at the shop for assistance. 

**There will an additional shipping charge of 15% added to the total purchase.