Mint 12' Exto Extension Cord

Extō is an industrial-inspired power distribution unit. The cord is long enough to extend into the center of most rooms. Hand-built, Extōs have dual tamper-resistant, three-prong sockets in a cast-aluminum and stainless steel enclosure. The outlets face upwards for easy plug/unplug and also act as the foundation for accessories like direct-plug light sockets, converting the Extō into a lamp.

Non-slip, non-marking polyurethane feet keep the Extō in place. The cover is secured with a flat stainless socket-head machine bolt for tamper resistance. Braid covered wire is made in the USA. The plug is oversize rubber for easier grip.

Extōs also have four mounting holes on the underside. They can be fix-mounted to almost any surface (even the underside of furniture) with mounting screws.

Mint with red cotton over braid cord, white receptacles and cork insert.


+ 12 foot reach

+ UL-listed 3-prong outlets with built-in tamper-resistant covers

+ 3-conductor cord rated to maximum 300 volts at 105C

+ UL-listed 3-brass-prong, large diameter rubber plug

+ UL-listed cast-aluminum housing and stainless steel cover

+ Polyurethane feet are slip-resistant and non-marking


For use indoors with small appliances. If you're not sure which cord rating you need, please consult a professional. This cord is rated to 720Watts and not for use with high-voltage appliances.

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