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Nomad Noe Candle - REBEL in Bahia

 A candle that reveals and celebrates the essence of our REBEL: Maria Quitéria (1792 - 1853).

In her effort to secure her people’s independence, Maria enlists in the Brazilian army by disguising as a man. Her talents are exceptional as is her will and bravery. Eventually outed, she is still promoted due to unrivaled skills, bringing peace to her people and love for Brazil.

Maria takes us through the gardens of Bahia, rich in white flowers. Neroli is lifted by the sparkle of mandarin and magnolia. Seductive blossoms of jasmine and lily hypnotise and deepen, with a trail of incense smoke from Candomblé rituals. A REBEL who nods to tradition.


7.8 oz / 220g

Neroli | Incense

* Hand-poured in small batches in the US

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