Tiny Scallop Earrings

Tiny modern little semicircles with a light swing! They are not heavy and are super fun to wear!

Your choice of metal:
Gold filled
Rose gold filled
Sterling silver

Brass and sterling silver will come brushed and the gold filled and rose gold filled options will come polished aka shiny.

Each semicircle is hand cut, drilled, hand polished!

Each option will have a sterling silver post and sterling silver backs!

- - please note that these are made from brass and will age as brass does. It is a natural chemical process due to oxidation with moisture and air I cannot stop. These will come with a polishing cloth to keep them fresh! You can also use Palmolive antibacterial dish soap with an old toothbrush which is what we use in the studio! Your best bet is to take care of them and clean them periodically to keep them in top shape!

***This product is made to order from the artist - please allow 2 weeks production time + shipping***

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