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Article: A Town With Style: Jackson Hole Featured in July Issue of Elle Decor


A Town With Style: Jackson Hole Featured in July Issue of Elle Decor

The July Issue: Jackson Hole spread begins on page 70

A section from the eight page article

John Frechette excitedly reads the article which partly features his store, MADE
We've known it for quite some time, but the rest of the world is acknowledging it as well. JACKSON HOLE IS STYLE! Where else can a Joe or a Jane ride a horse, ski a few runs, have an elegant cocktail, and outfit a home with comfort and class all in one day? ELLE DECOR runs an article in the July issue touting Jackson Hole as not only a hip and happening hot spot, but also as a down home town where the locals know how to work, play, eat, ski, and rodeo. In the eight page spread, restaurants, shops, art destinations, and scenic must-sees were given the attention that we've been secretly showering for years. Pick up a copy at Valley Bookstore to see our little town shining in the spotlight.

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