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Love Knots
Love Knots Sale price$ 8.00
Dark Chocolate Stars
Dark Chocolate Stars Sale price$ 7.00
Eggstatic Sale price$ 7.00
Triple Dipped Malt Balls
Triple Dipped Malt Balls Sale priceFrom $ 8.00
Rabbit Rabbits
Rabbit Rabbits Sale price$ 6.00
Milk & Dark Chocolate Bridge Mix
Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears
Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears Sale priceFrom $ 6.00
Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears
Chocolate Covered Cookie Do'
Milk Chocolate Egg Carton
Milk Chocolate Egg Carton Sale price$ 7.00
Junior Mint Eggs
Junior Mint Eggs Sale price$ 3.00
Eggselent Sale price$ 5.00
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Sale price$ 8.00
Milk Chocolate Brownie Bites
Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
Dark Chocolate Santa
Dark Chocolate Santa Sale price$ 7.00
Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans
Milk Chocolate Blueberries
Praline Peanuts
Praline Peanuts Sale price$ 6.00
Milk Chocolate Peanuts
Milk Chocolate Peanuts Sale price$ 6.00
Dark Chocolate Peanuts
Dark Chocolate Peanuts Sale price$ 6.00
Box of Mixed Chocolates
Box of Mixed Chocolates Sale priceFrom $ 20.00
Box of Dessert Truffles
Box of Dessert Truffles Sale priceFrom $ 18.00
Box of Truffles
Box of Truffles Sale priceFrom $ 27.00
Tom Bumble Candy Bar - Pack of 2
Chocolate Bar Roulette
Chocolate Bar Roulette Sale price$ 50.00
Tom Bumble Candy Bar - Pack of 4
8pc Huckleberry Caramels Gift Box
15pc Huckleberry Creams & Caramels Gift Box
Sold outHorchata: Milky White Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Tin
Nutty: Cinnamon Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Tin
Minty: Mint Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Tin
Cozy: Golden Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa
Cottontail Pretzels
Cottontail Pretzels Sale price$ 8.00
Chocolate Eggs
Chocolate Eggs Sale priceFrom $ 7.00
Jon Bun Jovis
Jon Bun Jovis Sale price$ 7.50
Ginger Snap Milk Chocolate Bar
Sold outOrange Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Bar
Caramelized Hazelnuts
Caramelized Hazelnuts Sale price$ 15.00
Chocolate Covered Animal Grahams