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Article: The Ten List


The Ten List

Jennifer Magnusson, Cognito Designs
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Place for Breakfast: Nora's, espeically on a lazy Sunday with my husband.

Place for Dinner: Where the friends are. The food is best when you share the table and conversation with friends.

Drink of Choice: I love St. Germaine!

Book: I have SO many, but one of my all time favorites is by a local author, Tim Sandlin. Rowdy in Paris. I laughed out loud the whole way through!

  Place to Visit: We try to get over to Europe at least once a year to catch up with friends and family. Usually England and Sweden.

Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in and popcicles.

Non-Profit of Choice: Dancer's Workshop. Inspiring, evocative, quality...ALWAYS. And the imagination present in every aspect of the organization, from performances to classes. We are lucky to have them.

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn. The definition of grace.

Best Local Event: Old Bill's Fun Run. It is one of my favorites. It feels like a town that becomes a neighborhood. The energy is as infectious as the giving.

Words to live by: Creativity takes Courage. -Henri Matisse

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