The Ten List: Erin Rosenberg

When not running her store, Paper and Grace, designing wedding invitations, or raising her family, Erin can be found posing at the bar of the Snake River Grill.
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Favorite book:  Make way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey…. pretty much all I have time to read these days. The girls love it,

Breakfast Spot of Choice:  anywhere that can make a good eggs benny…so Café Genevieve and the Virginian

Dinner Spot of Choice:  Osteria

Drink of Choice:  Grey Goose and Soda, two limes

City to visit:  Tie between Yarmouthport, Cape Cod, MA  and San Francisco

Best Spot in Teton Valley:  My front porch in the summer as the sun goes down.

Non profit of Choice:  American Cancer Society

Guilty Pleasure:  a spoonful of peanut butter right out of the jar

Style Icon:  I don’t really have one specific…anyone classic and timeless….maybe… Jackie-O? whoever is on the cover of J-crew? I admire confidence more than style!

Words to live by:  “Where there is a will there is a way”

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June 18, 2014

How did I miss this! Love the pose, and can vouch for the porch as the sun goes down. :)

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