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Article: The Ten List: Eric Logan


The Ten List: Eric Logan

Eric Logan is an architect with Carney Logan Burke Architects of Jackson
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Favorite Book:  My sketchbook.

Breakfast Spot of Choice:  I prefer breakfast on the run.  
Dinner Spot of Choice:  The deck at my house in the summer...and we don’t accept walk-ins.  

Drink of Choice:  Choice?  I choose yes, always.

City to Visit:  Well it’s not New York, if that’s what you mean...  

Best Spot in Teton Valley:  see "Dinner Spot"

Non-Profit of Choice:  The Art Association

Guilty Pleasure:  see "Drink of Choice".

Style Icon:  Anyone wearing Versace shoes and a motorcycle helmet.

Words to Live By:  Why yes, I will have another...

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