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Article: Junk Shop: Dinner With Art


Junk Shop: Dinner With Art

Another Junk Shop dinner was held last night, this time in on the main floor of the Tayloe Piggott Gallery. Chefs Amanda Flosbach and Kevin Huelsmann treated guests to an eight (possibly nine) course meal with pieces from Squeak CarnwathSuzanne Morlock, and Helen Frankenthaler hanging in the background (and in Suzanne Morlock's case, overhead), but the real art last night was on the plate. An espresso and chocolate braised beef with a side of potato, leek ash was served on a a slice of parchment paper covered cardboard, a nod to James Castle, an artist represented in the Tayloe Piggott Gallery. A cold smoked "brick" chicken paired with bourbon chicken liver pate and a white rosemary BBQ mop was served with a snippet of a dollar bill at the edge of the plate mimicking works by Peggy Preheim, whose work hung on the walls behind.. Thank you to the chefs, Oona Doherty, Teddi Hoffman, Katy Niner, Carly Platt, Steve Whisenand, and Persephone Bakery.  It was another success for the Junk Shop crew. For more information or to be included in future emails about Junk Shop, email

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