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Article: Things We Love for June


Things We Love for June


Jackson Hole resident Annie Fenn has parlayed her love for cooking and eating into an elegantly tasteful (haha!) blog that is made up of both original and collected recipes. It’s so good!

2. Jake Bugg

 Bugg is a twenty year old English musician who has been called the modern day Bob Dylan, but I think that Bugg’s music stands on its own without the comparison. Our favorites: Country Song and Broken and Trouble.

3. The Feisty Ginger at Local

A nice fresh cocktail for summer with Grand Teton Vodka and ginger.

4. Wear+Here

This is the most unique fashion blog ever, and it is written and curated by Jackson resident Katy Niner. Niner fuses fashion and travel with suggestions of where to wear, but she also compares the structure of buildings, art pieces and objects from around the world to the structure and line from fashion designers.

5. The People's Couch

I know. I know…reality television on Bravo.  However, The People’s Couch is really fun. It shows families of all kinds and all ages watching television shows and reacting and commenting to poignant, ridiculous, and sometimes shocking story lines. TV can be fun, but watching people watch TV? More fun.

6. The Snake River Sporting Club

7. The Kouign-Amann at Persephone 

 butter AND sugar. Just eat one and send us a thank you note.

8. The Rockefeller Preserve at GTNP

9. Brunch at Cafe Genevieve

So civilized.

10. Mountain Dandy: The Shop 


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