Jackson Hole News & Guide Features Mountain Dandy (Gaslight Alley) Location Move

Mountain Dandy will close its Gaslight Alley store and move the staff and merchandise into its showroom at 265 W. Pearl Ave.
That's not bad news, said John Frechette, who owns the business with Christian Burch.  Combining the stores is a matter of streamlining operations and making life easier, he said.
They operate two other Gaslight Alley businesses - Mursell's Sweet Shop and MADE - plus MADE's new sibling in the Westbank Center, a shop called M.
"We just have no bandwidth to operate five retail storefronts," Frechette said.  With staffing and other considerations "it just got to be a lot," he said.  " From Nov. 1 to Jan. 31, I barely had a day off."
MADE, the granddaddy of their retail family, specializes in handmade American gift and home items.  Its Gaslight Alley neighbor, the 550-square-foot Mountain Dandy shop, whose formal address is 125 N. Cache, is described as MADE's "stylish brother store," with handmade items with "a collegiate and men's club vibe."
The larger Mountain Dandy showroom on Pearl is more home-oriented, with furniture, artwork and accessories.  It too has a masculine aesthetic.
"We're moving" signs are posted on the windows of the smaller of the Mountain Dandy shops, but the consolidation won't happen until around the end of ski season.  Frechette said the shop has some out-of-town customers who visit once or twice a year, and he and Burch didn't want them to think it had up and disappeared.
"We said, 'Let's start alerting people now,'" he said.

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