Wood Excavator

This is the machine for the big jobs. This wooden excavator measures 7 inches wide by 10 inches long at the tracks. It is 16 inches tall when the bucket is in the up position. The excavator swivels 360 degrees and the bucket moves up and down for digging and dumping dirt.

Heirloom quality natural wooden toys, made by a man who has been a professional Santa for 30 years!

These handcrafted wooden toys are made of pine and oak and are left unfinished. They are assembled using dowels and glued with an FDA approved safe glue and clamped. These toys are not meant to sit on a shelf and looked at; but are meant to be played with. They are sturdy and constructed well. And with a little care can be passed down from generation to generation for years of enjoyment. Every surface is is sanded to ensure that it is nice and smooth with no sharp corners. 

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