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MADE Jackson Hole


Handmade items from more than 360 artists. MADE is a small and unique shop that has quickly become a hotspot for Jackson Hole locals and visitors. With handmade items from more than 360 American artists, shoppers can be sure that quality and care have been put into every item–from jewelry and pottery to leather goods and glassware.

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Sparkly Triangle Necklace
Sparkly Triangle Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 54.00
Roundabout Necklace
Roundabout Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 52.00
Drifter Bronze + Silver Hook Octagon Bracelet
Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Happy Holidays Wreath
Happy Holidays Wreath Sale price$ 4.50
Some Kind of Holiday Something
Center of Balance Necklace
Center of Balance Necklace Sale price$ 62.00

1 color available

Art Fair Earrings
Art Fair Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 58.00

2 colors available

Best Day/Nite Ever
Best Day/Nite Ever Sale price$ 5.00
Beach Party Earrings
Beach Party Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 64.00

2 colors available

Moonlight Necklace
Moonlight Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 78.00
Leaf Thank You Card
Leaf Thank You Card Sale price$ 5.00
He Got You Like
He Got You Like Sale price$ 5.00
Sorry Sale price$ 4.50
Thank You!
Thank You! Sale price$ 4.00
Thanks! Sale price$ 5.00
OH MY GOSH! Sale price$ 4.25
Having A Baby - Before Me!
I Love You More Than You Love Your Selfie
Mom, He Was Wrong For Me
Mom, He Was Wrong For Me Sale price$ 5.00
1977 Earrings
1977 Earrings Sale price$ 64.00
Seasons Greetings Card
Seasons Greetings Card Sale price$ 4.50
Stacked Animal Tree Card
Stacked Animal Tree Card Sale price$ 4.50
Robot Holiday Card
Robot Holiday Card Sale price$ 4.25