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Ribbon Candy Christmas Gift Box
Cozy: Golden Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa
Minty: Mint Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Tin
Nutty: Cinnamon Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Tin
Creamy: Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Tin
Horchata: Milky White Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Tin
Tom Bumble Candy Bar - Pack of 2
Tom Bumble Candy Bar - Pack of 4
8pc Huckleberry Caramels Gift Box
15pc Huckleberry Creams & Caramels Gift Box
Classic Panettone Gift Box
Classic Panettone Gift Box Sale price$ 38.50
Chocolate Orange Panettone Gift Box
K+M Hot Chocolate
K+M Hot Chocolate Sale price$ 24.00
Madelaine Deluxe Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendar
12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar
Luxury 12 Days Of Christmas Advent Calendar
Cranberry Orange Scone Mix
Cranberry Orange Scone Mix Sale price$ 14.00
Charles Butler Chocolate Limes
Charles Butler Liquorice & Blackcurrant
Eleven Madison Granola 20oz Jar
S'mores Ground Coffee
S'mores Ground Coffee Sale price$ 17.00
Sold outPistachio Panettone - Hand Wrapped
Chocolate Panettone - Hand-wrapped
Classic Panettone - Hand Wrapped
Christmas Tea
Christmas Tea Sale price$ 9.00
The Nice Dozen
The Nice Dozen Sale price$ 15.00
The Naughty Dozen
The Naughty Dozen Sale price$ 15.00
Gummi Berries Seeded
Gummi Berries Seeded Sale price$ 8.00
Jelly Pumpkins
Jelly Pumpkins Sale price$ 7.00
Surprise Balls - Deluxe
Surprise Balls - Deluxe Sale price$ 23.00
Surprise Balls - Mini
Surprise Balls - Mini Sale price$ 7.50
Chili Watermelon
Chili Watermelon Sale price$ 7.50
Chili Strawberry Belts
Chili Strawberry Belts Sale price$ 7.50
Chili Sour Kids
Chili Sour Kids Sale price$ 7.50
Chili Blue Belts
Chili Blue Belts Sale price$ 7.50
Chili Gummy Bears
Chili Gummy Bears Sale price$ 7.50
Chili Apple Belts
Chili Apple Belts Sale price$ 7.50
Chili Peach
Chili Peach Sale price$ 7.50
We Need To Talk
We Need To Talk Sale price$ 5.00
Salt & Twine Slow Aged Salami
Toy & Chocolate Box Christmas Gift Set