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Leather Catch All - Orange

- Their take: a comfortable resting spot for keys and wallets

- Soft leather edges pinch together at corners

- Full-grain vegetable tanned cow leather sourced from Paraguay

- Hand-stitch finish


Conditioning: To improve quality, tone and feel of the leather, condition twice a year or as needed by applying Vasoline to a microfiber glove or cloth and massaging it evenly onto the leather. Bati's vegetable-tanned leather absorbs moisture and natural oils and takes on a darker, richer tone afterwards.

*Conditioning is a great way to blend together the various marks and imperfections of the leather and bring out the natural patina.

Liquids: Bati leather can get wet! Our leather is treated with organic ingredients that make it water resistant. Before making the goods, we actually wet the hide with a sponge and stretch the leather out to make it softer. So don't worry if the leather gets wet, just let it dry out.

*Condition the leather from time to time after exposure to water.

Made in Paraguay

*Products may vary slightly from photo as each piece is handmade

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