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Ambrosina Apothicaire - No 29 Wyoming Candle

A fragrance that conjures Fragrant Pine Forests, Snow Covered Peaks, and Sage Covered Prairies. The fragrance of The Wyoming is rich, fresh, and bright. Enjoy at any time of year, while relaxing with family and friends at home.

The Wyoming comes in a copper-like vessel, and is presented in a matte-black, luxurious, reusable gift box.

Natural coconut or soy-based wax is blended with food-grade paraffin, cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrance oils, to guarantee a natural scent. The richest, most luxurious oils are carefully combined to bring out the botanical and natural smells of their named environment experience, which have been curated carefully to match their names.

All candles have long burn times of 40-50 hours when properly maintained, with reusable boxes and vessels that round out the hallmarks of our tradition.

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