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Cacao Coffee Bitters

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Coffee, cacao, and vanilla bean blended to compliment any cream drink like a White Russian, Brandy Alexander, or Irish Coffee.

This will give any drink or baked good the kick of coffee flavor without all the sugar or artificial extracts.

Bear Root gathers many of their ingredients from the earth in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Bear Root uses a traditional alcohol base and extract from real roots, bark, fruit, leaves and flowers. Keeping with historical techniques, we never use a glycerin base to substitute alcohol.

Bitters are botanical extractions that have been used for centuries as herbal medicine and remedies.  Over time the use of bitters has moved away from their herbal properties. Now bitters are used more for their unique flavors derived from different bittering agents combined with spices and fruit.

2 oz.

Cacao Coffee Bitters
Cacao Coffee Bitters Sale price$ 16.00