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Chili Blue Belts

Sale price$ 5.00 Regular price$ 7.50

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The chili blueberry belts are some of the most delectable of our chewy chamoy candies.

These are a unique blueberry flavor, covered in there zesty, citrusy, spicy blend that you truly cannot find anywhere else.

Once you suck off the chili blend, you will be floored by the incredible sweet flavor underneath.

This candy is more sour than sweet, so if you like a little tartness to your candies, this one will blow your mind.

To ensure freshness, Mursell's orders are shipped using store inventory as ordered.  We work to keep everything in stock, but please bear with us as availability can change quickly!  If you are looking to order larger quantities (12+) of any particular item please reach out to us @

*In warm weather months/to warm weather destinations - ship candy and chocolate at your own risk - we do not add insulation or cooling packs - regardless of the weather conditions.  There is no refund for melted candy or chocolate.  Purchasing expedited shipping is encouraged and recommended.*

Chili Blue Belts
Chili Blue Belts Sale price$ 5.00 Regular price$ 7.50