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Cire Trudon Classic Candle - Ernesto

Cire Trudon started in 1643 when Claude Trudon became the owner of a boutique on the rue Saint-Honore where he developed his active as a grocer and candler. Today Trudon candles shine throughout the world


Ernesto: In a hotel of Havana, under the fixed sun of the Revolution : the fierce and partisan overtones of leather and tobacco meddle with the paneling’s waxen silence. In the cool dimness, fawn grimaces shimmer along with the smoke of cigars and the barrels of guns.

Classic Size

Weight : 270g / 9.5 oz

Burning time : 55 to 60 hours

Dimensions : H: 10,5 cm Ø: 9 cm


Great Size (5 wicks)

Weight: 3 kg / 105 oz

Burning time : Approx. 300 hours

Dimensions : 8.8" x 7.67"

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