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K+M Hot Chocolate

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K+M Hot Chocolate delivers a complex and luxurious chocolate experience perfectly suited for the season. Made from the same beans used in their Extravirgin bars, the Chocolatiers intertwine complementary flavors to create a bean-to-cup hot chocolate with intense chocolate character, balanced by rich creaminess and light nuttiness.

Rich / Cocoa / Nutty / Intense


Peppermint Hot Chocolate features a smooth blend of refreshing peppermint and dark chocolate. 

Peppermint / Tropical Fruit / Refreshing / Smooth


Winter Spice Hot Chocolate features a blend of allspice, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper for a most decadent sip. 

Allspice / Citrus / Lush / Velvety

Bean-to-Cup Hot Chocolate

14.1 oz bags; makes 10 servings.

Made in Napa, CA.

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K+M Hot Chocolate
K+M Hot Chocolate Sale price$ 24.00